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Child Custody & Visitation

Child Custody Attorney Serving Rhode Island

At my practice, there is no more important decision than those involving child custody and visitation. My clients quickly seize this message; each receives a terrific handbook published by the American Bar Association: "Co-parenting After Divorce."

My clients deserve to be given candid advice. A child will only have two parents, and whenever possible the child deserves to enjoy meaningful relationships with both. If your case is like most, you will be sharing parenting responsibilities with him or her or many years to come.

But every child custody situation is different, with a unique set of facts and circumstances. The child's needs must be considered. On occasion, alternative outcomes, such as sole custody, limited or supervised visitation, may be appropriate.

I use the law and my experience to achieve the right solution for my clients and their children. My firm represents clients in all aspects of child custody law, including:

  • Determination of legal custody and physical placement
  • Child visitation rights and parenting time
  • Modifications in custody and visitation
  • Child relocation
  • Paternity
  • Interstate custody and support

Call 401-965-4517 or send an e-mail for a free consultation and case evaluation.

Achieving the Right Solution

Child custody and visitation rights are hugely important issues to me. As the father of three wonderful daughters, I understand a child's needs throughout childhood and adolescence. Following a divorce, the right kind of custody and child visitation agreement will enable the child to grow and develop in a stable and healthy environment. Whenever possible, I strive for custody and visitation outcomes that achieve this goal through negotiation or mediation. This process greatly reduces the emotional stress and dislocation that a child experiences during the divorce process.

In other situations, I act as a strong advocate for a parent's rights. Here, I advocate for my client's objectives through assertive litigation in court utilizing, as needed, the services of mental health professionals and guardians to represent the interests of the child.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, your case is unique, and requires an individualized solution. As your lawyer, I will identify the underlying issues in your case, and then strive for the outcome that is right for you and your child.

For a free consultation and case evaluation with John L. Quigley, Jr., P.C., call 401-965-4517 or send an e-mail. Located in Providence, my firm serves clients in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

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