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Child Relocation

Providence, Rhode Island Child Relocation Lawyer

Child relocation cases are among the most difficult, challenging, and emotionally charged in the field of family law. You already know that. There are no easy answers to the questions these cases raise.

Still, it is possible to develop solutions that allow both parents to maintain meaningful relationships with the child. But in most child relocation cases, the court will decide the outcome, and when it does, there may be a winner and a loser.

At my practice, John L. Quigley, Jr., P.C., I represent parents who face this agonizing problem. I understand the complex legal issues these cases present, how to develop and organize supporting facts, and put compelling arguments before the court. I will represent you and your child with passion and conviction.

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Child Relocation Cases Can Be Lengthy and Costly

I am an experienced negotiator and trained mediator. I seek to craft creative, at times, "outside-the-box" solutions to the dilemma. The school calendar, travel by the non-custodial parent as well as the child, virtual visitation…the answer is not always "black" or "white." There may be resolution.

This type of arrangement may be less than satisfactory for all involved however, and there may be no alternative to a court-mandated solution. In this situation, I will advocate assertively, professionally and zealously in an attempt to achieve your objectives.

Litigated parental relocation, child removal and custody cases can involve lengthy investigations by the Court and expert evaluations by child psychologists, social workers or other professionals. I have strong working relationships with some of the leading professionals in this field with whom I have worked with over the years. These experts can be engaged to assist in the preparation of your case.

Child relocation cases are never easy. They can be costly in monetary and emotional terms — as well as lengthy. When we meet to discuss your case, I will explain the legal issues your case presents, potential strategies and the costs of litigation.

Together we will decide on the right course to take for you and your child.

For a free consultation and case evaluation with John L. Quigley, Jr., P.C., call 401-965-4517 or send an e-mail.

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